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Motorcycle and Business Insurance Options in Beatrice, NE

Dealing with insurance isn't at the top of most people's list of favorite things to do. We know that. Still, it can make the difference between "someday we'll look back at this and laugh" and "how am I going to survive this?" Fritch Insurance Inc would rather see you laugh. Call today for a quote on auto, home, business, RV, and motorcycle coverage.

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Hit the road with confidence

Driving a specialized vehicle like a motorcycle, RV or farm equipment requires an extra measure of vigilance. It also requires comprehensive insurance coverage so you're protected from the hazards of the road. If you've been told you need to carry an SR-22 following a DUI or traffic accident, Fritch Insurance Inc can help. Call today! 

More than a place to put your stuff

Your home is your castle, but a moat won't protect it from a Nebraska tornado. Let Fritch Insurance Inc find you a policy that offers the maximum amount of protection at the best possible price. Whether you rent or own, we'll cast our nets far and wide to find coverage you can live with, and leaves you with money in the bank every month. 

You'll reap what we sow

As a farmer, you know full well the inherent risks in your line of work, from run-ins with cranky combines to full-on crop failure. Only a handful of insurance agencies offer crop and ag coverage, and Fritch Insurance Inc is pleased to be one of them. We salute Nebraska farmers and the important work you do for our nation, and our world.  
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